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The Fundraising Agency is an evolution, from what started as a young solo mum wanting to have impact, and to honour the legacy of those who had gone before.

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Barrer & Co began in 2012 with its founder's name on the door. 

At it's foundation was a devotion to justice and an appreciation for the beauty, generosity, and goodness in humanity.

As a consultant, Sarah worked alongside individuals and organisations in the not-for-profit sector. She sought to empower and support them to be sustainable and effectual.

As a purpose-driven consultancy, Sarah collaborated with clients to make a difference, and to address human needs with compassion and efficacy.

Over the course of twelve years, the business has matured and grown in size and capability. It is recognised as a reputable partner for all not-for-profits seeking to define and achieve their fundraising goals.

The Fundraising Agency

Now, reflecting on the past and looking ahead to the future, we have identified that the needs and opportunities in the sector demand greater scale and agility from a consultancy partner.

The Fundraising Agency has been borne from a genuine desire to respond to those needs, and to thereby optimise impact across borders, generations, and causes.

The name and the brand of the consultancy may be changing, but its vision and purpose remains steadfast. The Fundraising Agency is a bold step forward - signalling an ongoing commitment to that vision with renewed vigour, and bolstered expertise and capacity.

Our Story Sarah&grandad
Our Story Barrer Sign

A nod to Grandad

"Back in 2012, I chose the name Barrer & Co as a nod to my gentle Grandad, Bryan Barrer. He was a lawyer in Christchurch, and had a business called BA Barrer & Co.

He was kind man and seemed to be interested in my views of the world, even when I was only very small. I called him Brynie. Brynie was quiet, thoughtful, and considered, and it was with him I felt the most understood. Brynie passed away before I started school, but despite being so very young, I had developed a close connection with him I treasure to this day.

Having had his name on the door was a way to honour someone so special to me."

- Sarah
Our Story Bryanbarrer

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