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Case for Support Development

A case for support is a fundraising booklet that clearly explains your vision, mission, and values, and motivates the donor to contribute to your not-for-profit, whether for a specific capital campaign or for day-to-day programmes and services. This document will be the cornerstone for your fundraising efforts.

Your case for support needs to be a strong, captivating document that communicates the purpose of your organisation effectively to stakeholders; the content and layout need to be presented in a way that will best serve your fundraising goals.

The Fundraising Agency can manage the development of the case for support from concept to content development through to production and print.

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Fundraising Streams

The Fundraising Agency can provide comprehensive recommendations regarding the fundraising streams that will be the most suitable for your fundraising goals, and how you can approach and manage these for the best outcomes.

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Fundraising is unique for each organisation - we know one size does not fit all. Get in touch to set up your free consultation with our team.

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