Fundraising Services

Vision & Fundraising Priorities Session

The Fundraising Agency can assist with the development of an effective vision statement – an inspirational, ambitious, and essential tool for not-for-profit organisations to describe yourselves as you would appear in a future, successful state.

Once the vision is established, we can work with you to develop fundraising priorities – organisation-led statements dictating where your current need for fundraising is, in line with your long-term organisation plan, grouping activities or projects that enable your organisation to deliver your overall objectives together into tangible priorities that supporters can easily understand.

Following a workshop session to establish the above, we would develop a report with the findings for you to use in your communications.

Prepare for conversations that are not only informative, but also engaging, ensuring you stay on track to achieve your fundraising goals with clarity and confidence.

Fundraising Streams

The Fundraising Agency can provide comprehensive recommendations regarding the fundraising streams that will be the most suitable for your fundraising goals, and how you can approach and manage these for the best outcomes.

Let’s talk strategy

Fundraising is unique for each organisation - we know one size does not fit all. Get in touch to set up your free consultation with our team.

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