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TFA Fundraising Stream Individual Giving

Individual giving describes fundraising that encourages gifts made by an individual, of a smaller amount (compared to mid- and high-value gifts). These donations can be given on a regular basis, or as a single, one-off gift.

This is often the start of the donor giving journey, beginning with an initial entry-level gift. The donor may treat this as a “test” gift, to decide whether they want to continue their support, depending on the stewardship experience they receive from your organisation.

Individual giving delivers a steady flow of cash over time, providing long-term, predictable income and the ability to plan programmes and projects in advance. It is the entry point to what is described as the fundraising pyramid, and should be considered closely aligned to your charity acquisition plan (of how to build your supporter base).

Over time, through growing and deepening the relationship between the donor and your organisation, the donor will upgrade their giving, moving into regular gifts, encouraging their networks to support your organisation. If they are able to, they may even leave you the ultimate gift: a bequest. This means that investing well into this stream, and caring for your individual donors, is incredibly important for your fundraising pipeline and future sustainability.

To learn how individual giving might fit into your wider fundraising strategy, The Fundraising Agency can help unpack this stream and help you to understand it’s application and what needs to be in place to set your organisation up for success.

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