Fundraising Services

Planned Giving Programmes – Major Gifts and Bequests

The Fundraising Agency provides specific planned giving programme development and implementation support for organisations looking to build major gift and bequest revenue for long-term sustainability.

The development of the programme consists of several modules, with administrative set-up and Board involvement as early key components. It continues through best practice preparation by developing frameworks, policies, and communications, to ensure readiness before approaching potential donors.

Creating and implementing this programme requires support an appropriate staff member from your organisation, to deliver the programme, as well as an allocated internal member of staff to continue the work ongoing.

Leading from the heart and the head, we provide practical solutions infused with our passion for the sector, ensuring impactful and heartfelt results.  

Fundraising Streams

The Fundraising Agency can provide comprehensive recommendations regarding the fundraising streams that will be the most suitable for your fundraising goals, and how you can approach and manage these for the best outcomes.

Let’s talk strategy

Fundraising is unique for each organisation - we know one size does not fit all. Get in touch to set up your free consultation with our team.

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