Barrer Logo Background Removed

After 12 years as Barrer & Co, we are proud to announce that we have changed our name and rebranded to The Fundraising Agency.

The Fundraising Agency - Giving confidence

Since the inception of Barrer & Co in 2012, our North Star has always been to give confidence to not-for-profit organisations by helping them realise their fundraising potential and achieve their goals.

The Fundraising Agency is an evolution from what started as a desire to have an impact, and to honour those who had gone before. A belief in justice, and an appreciation for the beauty, generosity, and goodness in humanity, has turned into a dynamic company rich in experience, with skilled consultants who are dedicated to facilitating meaningful growth in the sector.


Let’s talk strategy

Fundraising is unique for each organisation - we know one size does not fit all. Get in touch to set up your free consultation with our team.

Fundraising Streams

The Fundraising Agency can provide comprehensive recommendations regarding the fundraising streams that will be the most suitable for your fundraising goals, and how you can approach and manage these for the best outcomes.

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