Cholmondeley Children’s Foundation Launch Event: Supporting 100 Years of Cholmondeley Children’s Centre

10 Apr 2024

We are thrilled to share with you the incredible success of the recent Centenary Launch Event on March 7th, hosted by Cholmondeley Children’s Foundation to kick-start the celebrations for the upcoming 100th birthday of Cholmondeley Children’s Centre. The goal of the Foundation is to raise $10 million, ensuring the future of the children of Cholmondeley forever. 

Preparation for the event saw us working together with the Foundation to create an updated booklet, using feedback from Cholmondeley supporters to advise on the language and messaging, and working with the design legends at Q Brand Builders, who have created something simply stunning!

The true magic of Cholmondeley lies in the Centre itself, as anyone who has visited the space in Governor’s Bay can attest to. In wanting to bring Cholmondeley to the public, for those who could not visit the Centre, we decided to organise a video walkthrough tour.

We worked with Christchurch-based Orly Media, who went above and beyond our expectations in every way, not only creating a stunning video, but by accurately capturing the essence of Cholmondeley. The virtual tour provided a glimpse into the heart of the Foundation’s mission, and highlighted how special the Centre is as a safe haven for children in times of need.

As consultants, we were incredibly lucky to be introduced to a Cholmondeley Alumni, who agreed to do the voiceover for the video, and to attend and speak at the Launch Event. It was a great reiteration for us as consultants, and event attendees, to be in the presence of someone with such a fantastic attitude and outlook, and to demonstrate the power that Cholmondeley can have in the lives of children in the community. 

“Cholmondeley helped shape me into the person I am today. I was the first in my family to finish high school. I received the Te Kakau a Māui scholarship that pays for my tuition fees for 3-4 years. I started studying and working towards my dream job, to become a teacher. And that dream was influenced through the kind people at Cholmondeley because I wanted to make a difference in other kids’ lives, like they had in mine.”

– Cholmondeley Alumni, Launch Event Speech

The Foundation announced on the night that a million-dollar pledge has been received – a fantastic way to kick off the fundraising. 

The evening itself was truly stunning, a sunny Canterbury autumn eve made even better by the beauty of the Christchurch Botanic Garden. From inspiring speeches to emotional moments captured in the walkthrough video, the event touched the hearts of all who attended. The professionalism of the Ilex staff added to the ambiance, creating a memorable evening of connection.

It was a wonderful way to launch the countdown to the Cholmondeley centenary, to show off both the Centre and the Foundation to the community. While we have been working with the Foundation on the implementation of their major gift and bequest programme since February 2023, the relationship between Cholmondeley and Barrer & Co began long ago – Cholmondeley Children’s Centre was Barrer & Co’s very first client in December 2012, and the catalyst for our organisation to evolve into what it is today. Our relationship now is with the Foundation, and the level of trust we have been able to obtain, is something we value beyond words, and are thrilled to see it continue to benefit the client. 


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Cholmondeley Children’s Foundation Launch Event: Supporting 100 Years of Cholmondeley Children’s Centre

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