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06 Dec 2020

Te Ora Hou Ōtautahi’s Whare Project

Te Ora Hou Project

Te Ora Hou is committed to the holistic development of young people, their whānau and communities. They are involved in a wide variety of youth and community development initiatives in Christchurch and wider Canterbury.

Te Ora Hou is currently working on an important capital project: building a new Whare and connecting it to the existing Chapel at their premises in Papanui. At Barrer & Co we are excited to be helping Te Ora Hou with the management of this campaign.

If you’d like to learn more about Te Ora Hou, click here: Te Ora Hou Ōtautahi.

Home & Family’s Bequest Programme

Home And Family Blog 2020

Barrer & Co worked with Home & Family in 2014-2016 to raise over $2 million to restore ‘Our House’, a Grade 1, Category 1 heritage building in Christchurch’s CBD. ‘Our House’ now houses Home & Family’s head office and counselling services, which play a unique, essential and relevant part in creating stronger families and communities.

We are very excited to have helped Home & Family set up and establish their new bequest programme, Partners for Change. The Partners for Change legacy programme has been set up to honour the generosity of individuals and families who plan to leave gifts in their Will to Home & Family. Legacy gifts are an essential factor for ensuring Home & Family’s good work continues for years to come.

This programme was launched on November 11th.We look forward to hearing about Home & Family’s successes! If you’d like to learn more about their legacy programme, click here: Home & Family’s Partners for Change programme.

Hōhepa Canterbury’s New Homes Project

Hohepa Blog 2

Hōhepa Canterbury is a disability support and service provider that offers diverse living options, learning & activity programmes, community participation, and therapies. Their work is inspired by the teachings of Dr Rudolf Steiner; his principles of anthroposophy, ‘wisdom of the human’, ensure the whole person is cared for in their personal journey through life.

It has been great to see Hōhepa’s campaign going well! They are raising $2.2 million for two new homes for people with an intellectual disability.

Check out their public campaign, where the community has the opportunity to get involved and donate to this amazing project!

Donors to this campaign will be helping to build lives by valuing individuality and celebrating what each person brings to the community.

Have you heard about?…

Pro Active Drive News

Did you know that young people from disadvantaged communities face genuine difficulties in obtaining a driver licence, and disproportionate consequences if they don’t? Many have to drive anyway just to meet their basic work, study and family obligations – but they risk potentially serious debt and justice penalties if they’re caught.

Proactive Drive firmly believes that practical courses to develop people’s driving skills should be available to all drivers, including those who may not otherwise be able to access them. Their goal is to improve road safety in New Zealand by creating better, safer drivers for life.

Read more about Proactive Drive here!

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